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Sunstar Americas, Inc.

New Construction
Project Photo
PROJECT SNAPSHOT: Sunstar Americas
Overview Oral healthcare products manufacturing facility
Location Schaumburg, Illinois
Energy-saving improvements (partial list)
  • High-performance glazing
  • Occupancy controls
  • RTU cooling efficiency
  • HVAC controls
  • Manufacturing BMS
  • Process equipment efficiency
Total incentive received $397,100*
Estimated annual energy savings 3,609,800 kWh
Estimated annual energy cost savings $320,200**

*Based on 2015 incentive levels.

**Estimated annual cost savings based on a rate of 8.87 cents per kWh.

Photo courtesy of Sunstar Americas, Inc.

Project Summary

The ComEd® Energy Efficiency Program new construction team partnered with Sunstar to identify energy conservation measures (ECMs) that would meet organizational sustainability design goals and financial payback requirements. As a result, 19 ECMs were incorporated and incentivized through the program.

The Solution

The ComEd team provided energy modeling services, and calculated energy savings and incentives for implementation of the following ECMs:

  • High-performance envelope strategies
  • Interior and exterior lighting power density reduction
  • Fixture-based occupancy controls for lighting in areas not required by code
  • High-efficiency equipment installations
  • Pressure and CO2 sensor installations to control mechanical equipment components in the office
  • Use of a BAS to modulate systems in warehouse and manufacturing areas
  • Process equipment upgrades, including:
    • Switch to water-cooled chillers served by an open cooling tower with heat exchanger and variable speed fans
    • Upgrade to variable-speed, two-stage, water-cooled compressors
    • Addition of variable-frequency drives for pumps
    • Installation of a winter cooler to provide process chilled water during appropriate outdoor conditions

Project Benefits

Sunstar qualified for technical assistance and the project received $397,100* in total incentives from ComEd. The new 302,000 ft2 facility in Schaumburg reduced estimated energy costs by $320,200** annually and earned LEED certification in 2017.

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