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Salt Creek Rural Park District

Project Photo
PROJECT SNAPSHOT: Salt Creek Rural Park District
Energy-saving improvements LED Exterior Lighting
Estimated annual energy savings 62,000 kWh
Total project cost $11,000
ComEd Energy Efficiency Program incentive $7,610
Estimated annual cost savings $5,500
Estimated payback after incentives 7 months

*Estimated annual cost savings are based on an electricity rate of 8.87 cents per kWh.

Project Summary

The Salt Creek Rural Park District, which serves portions of Arlington Heights, Palatine and Rolling Meadows, features a nine-hole golf course, aquatic driving range, fishing lake and walking path. Park district facilities had exterior lighting that was dim and required frequent bulb changes. Not only was this a strain on maintenance resources, it also created potential safety hazards for patrons and staff. The park district decided to make lighting improvements and turned to the ComEd Energy Efficiency Program for incentives to make the project more affordable.

The Solution

The ComEd team worked with Chris Paisley, superintendent of parks and golf, and his staff throughout the process to identify money-saving opportunities with LED lighting upgrades at the park district’s Twin Lakes Golf Course and Recreation Area. Additionally, the park district took advantage of incentives offered by ComEd to reduce project and operational costs.

To improve aesthetics, Paisley directed numerous upgrades to building perimeters. The park district installed new exterior LED wall pack lighting at the clubhouse, and replaced conventional high-intensity discharge fixtures (including high-pressure sodium lights) with energy-efficient LEDs, giving the perimeter of the building a cleaner appearance. It also replaced glass can lights with new retrofit kits.

Additionally, on the golf course, staff removed 1,000-watt fixtures and replaced them with new LED fixtures to reduce maintenance costs.

“Before we did the upgrades, when you looked out over the property and the building exterior, everything had an orange glow at night,” Paisley said. “Now, it’s much more inviting, and the lights have a much more uniform look. I think it definitely helps showcase our property better.”

Project Benefits

The Salt Creek Park District received $7,610 in incentives from the ComEd Energy Efficiency Program and will save approximately $5,500 in annual energy costs as a result of the LED lighting upgrades. In addition to the financial benefits, Paisley has observed improved staff productivity. The new LED lights have also contributed to safer working conditions because the maintenance staff does not have to perform high-pole bulb changes as frequently.

The park district is pursuing additional energy-efficient lighting opportunities at other surrounding park locations. Paisley intends to continue with the ComEd Energy Efficiency Program until all park district facilities are upgraded.

“It’s been great. We used the ComEd incentive to help offset the cost of the project. It really has worked out very nice, knowing what incentives we could expect. The legwork that goes into estimating what the costs are and seeing exactly what we can do in any given year has been very helpful.”

Chris Paisley, Superintendent of Parks and Golf
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