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Romeoville Warehouse

New Construction Offering
Project Photo
PROJECT SNAPSHOT: Romeoville Warehouse
Energy-saving improvements Basic measure package incentivized the project at $0.10/gsf
  • Interior Lighting Power
  • Interior Lighting Controls
  • Exterior Lighting Power
  • Exterior Lighting Controls
  • Direct-fired Make-up-air Units
The Advanced measure (optional) incentivized the project and earned a 20% higher incentive: Demand Controlled Ventilation
Total incentive: $80,100*
Estimated annual energy cost savings: $92,300**

*Based on 2021 incentive levels.

**The analysis assumes average energy prices of $0.090 per kWh electricity and $0.899 per therm natural gas.


Power Construction Company is a 95-year old family and management-owned firm that is focused primarily on the greater Chicago metro area.

Understanding the benefits of the ComEd Energy Efficiency Program, Power Construction partnered with the New Construction offering to maximize energy savings for their warehouse project.

The ComEd Energy Efficiency Program new construction offering developed a streamlined pathway for participation called Best Practices, which provides predictable financial incentives for fast moving projects such as Warehouse and Industrial, Office, Multifamily, Retail and Grocery, and Parking Garage. The Best Practices approach includes curated energy efficiency strategies that are easy to implement and have fast payback periods. Owners, developers, and design teams that participate in the Best Practice pathway can quickly and effectively incorporate the most valuable energy efficiency solutions for their project.

The Solution

The 646,100 square foot warehouse in Romeoville, IL was enrolled through the Warehouse Best Practice pathway. The project consists of warehouse and storage space. Natural gas-fired make-up-air units heat the building. It operates 24 hours per weekday with some operation on weekends. The project installed the following predefined list of energy conservation measures:

  • Interior lighting power: This project achieved a lighting power density of 0.23 watts per square foot, which is 47% less lighting power than the energy code baseline, while maintaining Illumination Engineering Society recommended light levels.
  • Interior lighting controls: Installers configured lighting controls to shut off within 10 minutes of vacancy.
  • Exterior lighting power: Designers arranged exterior lights to use 50% of the power allowed by the energy code.
  • Exterior lighting controls: This project uses time-clock shutoff to reduce exterior lighting energy.
  • Direct-fired make-up-air units: The building is heated and ventilated by high-efficiency equipment.
  • Demand control ventilation: This advanced energy efficiency measure reduces the volume of outside air ventilation when it’s not needed by the occupants or other building operations.

Project Benefits

The project qualified for the Warehouse Best Practice pathway designed for faster moving projects. The project received $80,100* in total incentives from ComEd. The new 646,100 square foot facility in Romeoville reduced their estimated energy costs by $92,300** annually.

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