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La Rabida Children’s Hospital

Project Photo
PROJECT SNAPSHOT: La Rabida Children’s Hospital
Measures implemented HVAC control capabilities including on/off equipment scheduling, temperature reset strategies, pumping system optimization and remote system access.
Estimated annual energy savings 288,506 kWh
Annual reduction in carbon dioxide emissions equivalent to 38 cars off the road
Estimated annual cost savings $21,637*
Incentive received $25,945

*Estimated annual cost savings are based on an electricity rate of 7.5 cents per kWh.

Project Summary

La Rabida Children’s Hospital provides specialized, family-centered health care to children with medically complex conditions, disabilities and chronic illnesses. The facility’s HVAC, hot and cold water pumps, several air handlers and two hot water boilers were controlled by inefficient equipment and software. The maintenance team manually operated the inputs, increasing labor hours by 15%. La Rabida was interested in simultaneously improving HVAC quality for its patients and staff, reducing energy usage and operating costs. ComEd Energy Efficiency Program incentives made it possible to cost-effectively install a new building energy management system (EMS).

The Solution

The new EMS introduced HVAC controls that produce long-term energy savings. “We selected control strategies to optimize HVAC system performance for the best indoor air environment,” said Ben Plesha, Director of Facilities. La Rabida implemented programming to ensure unoccupied areas within the facility are now operating within reduced parameters, such as managing air handler operation. Facility management can control specific areas more efficiently with clear set points, helping to improve patient and staff comfort. The building maintenance team continues to review and modify settings as they uncover new opportunities for efficiency. ComEd incentives shortened the payback period and the remaining budget allowed the facility to implement additional EMS components.

Project Benefits

La Rabida received $25,945 in incentives from ComEd and is slated to save approximately $21,600 annually in energy costs. In addition to any environmental benefits and energy savings, the facility has improved patient and staff comfort. The new EMS requires less upkeep and management, so the facility also has saved on maintenance costs. The system’s ease of accessibility allows the maintenance crew to remotely operate the EMS, making adjustments any time, as needed.

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