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Illinois Tool Works (ITW) Automotive Parts Manufacturer

Industrial Facilities
Project Photo
PROJECT SNAPSHOT: Illinois Tool Works
Energy-saving improvements High-efficiency Centralized Resin Drying (CRD) system
Estimated annual savings 453,780 kWh
Total project cost $388,384
ComEd Energy Efficiency Program Incentive $54,574
Project cost after incentive $333,809
Estimated annual electric cost savings* $31,760
Estimated payback after incentives 10.5 years

*Estimated annual electric costs savings based on $0.07/kWh rate

Project Summary

Having successfully implemented a handful of energy efficiency upgrades in the past, automotive parts manufacturer ITW partnered with the ComEd Energy Efficiency Program to overhaul their centralized resin drying system. The project resulted in numerous benefits, allowing ITW to cut their energy use by 453,780 kWh per year, resulting in an estimated annual savings of $31,760 per year.

The Solution

The Industrial offering team provided ITW with a fully funded study to examine process efficiency and found that ITW was using an inefficient method for resin drying their injection molding equipment. Specifically, ITW was using excessive amounts of energy and experiencing increased material handling issues. With this problem identified, personnel from the Industrial offering worked with on-site engineers to identify viable solutions and ultimately recommended the installation of a Centralized Resin Drying (CRD) system.

Project Benefits

Following energy savings and incentive calculations, ITW qualified for $54,574 in total incentives from ComEd. The CRD system reduced material handling, improved space utilization and reduced their energy use by 453,780 kWh per year.

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