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Herget Middle School

Retro-Commissioning Building Tune-Up
Project Photo
Energy-Saving Improvements
  • Schedule AHUs
  • Duct static pressure reset
  • Chilled water temperature reset
  • Space temperature setback
Estimated annual savings 106,244 kWh
Total project cost $1,290
ComEd Energy Efficiency Program incentive $1,290
Project cost after incentive $0
Estimated annual electric cost savings $9,509*
Estimated payback after incentives Immediate

*Based on an electric rate of $0.0895 cents per kWh

Project Summary

West Aurora School District 129’s Herget Middle School was having issues with its antiquated building control system. Because building management staff had difficulty scheduling air-handling units and updating the system, there were opportunities to lower their energy bills and save money. School officials recognized that something needed to be done, but they were unsure where to begin.

The Solution

In 2018, Pat Dacy, the school district’s capital projects manager, applied to participate in the ComEd® Energy Efficiency Program Retro-Commissioning (RCx) Building TuneUp offering. RCx identifies opportunities to improve the operations of a building's equipment and control systems as they age and as building use and occupancy changes over time.

ComEd energy experts found ways to optimize the school's controls, HVAC, and lighting more efficiently, saving money and energy. They also recommended new building management technologies and best practices. The RCx study identified opportunities where lighting turns on and off at desired times, equipment schedules are optimized, and consistent temperatures are maintained throughout the building, creating a more comfortable environment for occupants

The RCx study was provided at no cost to District 129. Within just five months, the school completed all recommendations and took advantage of $1,290 in ComEd incentives to cover project costs, leading to an immediate payback. The energy efficiency enhancements are projected to save 106,244 kWh per year, or about $9,509 annually. “The offering helped all of our building staff investigate scheduling and other setpoints closer across the district,” Dacy says.

"Having an optimization study helped identify savings opportunities we wouldn't have considered otherwise."

Pat Dacy, West Aurora School District 129
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