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Village of Carol Stream

LED Streetlights Deliver Brighter Streets with Less Energy

Case Study

The Village of Carol Stream reduced energy use from streetlighting by more than 50 percent after upgrading its high-pressure sodium and mercury vapor streetlights to LEDs. The village reports experiencing fewer outages, fewer maintenance requests, and overall better light quality throughout its street grid.

PROJECT SNAPSHOT: Village of Carol Stream
Energy-saving improvements LED Streetlights
Estimated annual energy savings 122,841 kWh*
Total project cost $26,100
ComEd Energy Efficiency Program incentive $19,600
Project cost after incentive $6,500
Estimated annual electric cost savings $4,914*
Estimated payback period after incentives 16 months*

*Assumes 4,104 dawn-to-dusk operating hours per year and an electricity rate of 4 cents per kWh.

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