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Village of Carol Stream

LED Streetlights
Project Photo
PROJECT SNAPSHOT: Village of Carol Stream
Energy-saving improvements LED Streetlights
Estimated annual energy savings 122,841 kWh*
Total project cost $26,100
ComEd Energy Efficiency Program incentive $19,600
Project cost after incentive $6,500
Estimated annual electric cost savings $4,914*
Estimated payback period after incentives 16 months*

*Assumes 4,104 dawn-to-dusk operating hours per year and an electricity rate of 4 cents per kWh.

Project Summary

The Village of Carol Stream reduced energy use from streetlighting by more than 50 percent after upgrading its high-pressure sodium and mercury vapor streetlights to LEDs. Tia Messino, assistant to the village manager, reports that Carol Stream is “experiencing fewer outages, fewer maintenance requests, and getting overall better light quality.”

The Solution

Carol Stream took a phased approach to streetlight upgrades by spreading the project across multiple years. The 2018 lighting upgrades included a section of main arterial roadway, numerous residential streets and a large portion of the industrial area on the east side of the village. ComEd® Energy Efficiency Program incentives reduced the capital cost of the 2018 project phase by 75 percent.

Before putting the project out to bid, the village’s public works staff teamed up with a lighting supplier to determine the technical specifications and optimal LED products that aligned with the project’s various roadway and land use types. The ComEd Energy Efficiency Program team assisted Carol Stream throughout the application process, from verifying project eligibility to final application submission.

The LED streetlights incentive, available to ComEd public sector customers for improving public roadway lighting, offsets, on average, approximately 40 percent of project costs. Carol Stream realized even deeper savings by tapping public works staff to install the new LED fixtures. The village also allowed project bidders to propose alternative, lower-cost products that met the same technical standards as the LED fixtures specified in the bid requirements. As a result, the incentive covered the maximum allowed 75 percent of the total project cost.

Project Benefits

ComEd projects that Carol Stream will save an estimated $4,914 annually from reduced energy use, on top of the ComEd incentives received, from the village’s 2018 LED streetlights project. The remaining cost of the project is expected to be recovered in about 16 months. In addition to energy cost savings, the village will save on streetlight maintenance costs, as the typical life of an LED streetlight is between 10 and 15 years, compared to 2 to 3 years for high-pressure sodium lamps.

“These lights are cleaner, they’re brighter, and we’re experiencing less spill in residential areas from the LED lights, regardless of their location. We’re not getting the light in places that we don’t want it.”

Tia Messino, Assistant to the Village Manager, Village of Carol Stream

Light the Way to Savings with LED Streetlights

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