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Aurora Public Library, Eola Branch

Retro-Commissioning Building Tune-Up
Project Photo
Energy-Saving Improvements
  • Schedule lighting and AHUs
  • Duct static pressure and boiler supply temperature reset
  • Rooftop unit (RTU) economizer
Estimated annual savings 165,839 kWh
Total project cost $4,629
ComEd Energy Efficiency Program incentive $4,629
Project cost after incentive $0
Estimated annual electric cost savings $14,843*
Estimated payback after incentives Immediate

*Based on an electric rate of $0.0895 cents per kWh

Project Summary

After receiving $4,400 in incentives for LED lighting upgrades from the ComEd® Energy Efficiency Program, Aurora Public Library Facility Manager Jeff DesJardine turned his attention to optimizing the performance of his building equipment. ComEd energy experts conducted a Retro-Commissioning (RCx) Building Tune-Up study to explore money-saving opportunities throughout the library facility

The Solution

ComEd energy experts identified ways to optimize building controls and leverage current technologies. The library implemented all recommended measures from the study.

ComEd® Energy Efficiency Program incentives of $4,629 covered the total project cost, and the library is projected to save $6,634 on its energy bills annually, resulting in an immediate project payback.

“After realizing that our air-handling units (AHUs) were running 24/7, we were able to schedule them to only have half of that run time. We know this will reduce costs and we'll see savings for years to come,” DesJardine says.

The Aurora Public Library plans to conduct RCx Building Tune-Up studies at its sister libraries, and to investigate other opportunities for savings.

"I look forward to working with the ComEd Energy Efficiency Program on future projects within our building portfolio."

Jeff DesJardine, Aurora Public Library
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