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Grid Modernization

A smart grid is an electric system enhanced with innovative digital technologies like smart substations, smart switches, and smart meters that detect problems on the electric grid so you experience improved reliability, better service and greater control over your electricity use.

A Smart Grid Provides Three Key Benefits

  1. Fewer and shorter power outages
  2. Tools and services that can help you save money
  3. A cleaner, greener planet for future generations

What Makes a Grid "Smart?"

In the same way that today’s “smart phone” technology merged the power of computers with cellular phones, smart grid technology merges the power of computers with the electric grid.

  • Smart switches isolate problems on the electric system and automatically reroute power so that electricity keeps flowing to as many people as possible.
  • Smart substations detect potential problems and automatically notify ComEd to help prevent power outages.
  • Smart meters can notify ComEd when an outage occurs to help restore power more quickly, and provide you access to more energy-usage information to help you save.

A Greener Planet for the Future

The smart grid helps create a new relationship with our planet. With system improvements and updated technology, the smart grid can help reduce dependence on fossil fuels and lower CO2 emissions. And, a smart grid can more effectively integrate renewable energy sources like wind and solar power, contributing to a cleaner, greener tomorrow.

Bronzeville – A Connected Chicagoland Community

The Community of the Future is a place where ComEd and a local community collaborate to create a "smart community"—connected, green, and resilient—in which the smart grid and a host of other technologies and related services are fully leveraged to enhance the everyday lives of community members.

System Improvements

To build a stronger, more reliable smart grid, ComEd is installing and upgrading equipment throughout northern Illinois. From up on poles to down underground, we are preparing to meet your future energy needs.

  • New equipment is being installed on the electric system to help reduce power outages caused by severe weather, trees and wildlife.
  • Power lines, underground cable and utility poles are being refurbished or replaced. New overhead cables are stronger and have a protective coating.
  • Smart technology is being added to help prevent power outages and restore power more quickly when problems do occur.

See the Changes in Your Neighborhood ​View Map

View the interactive map to learn more about improvements happening in your area.

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​Smart Grid Education
What Is the Smart Grid? (pdf) ​
Fewer and Shorter Outages (pdf)
​Fact Sheets
Smart Grid (pdf) ​
Definitions (pdf)​
Ensuring Power Quality – Commercial Customers (pdf)

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