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Smart Meters for Your Home

​Smart meters are digital, electric meters that wirelessly provide secure, two-way communication between the meter and ComEd and also allow you access to more information about your usage.

A Smart Meter Provides Three Key Benefits

  1. More control over your energy use to help you save money
  2. Better service by automatically sending meter readings, helping eliminate estimated bills and the need for a meter reader to visit your home
  3. Quicker response times during outages and more efficient outage restoration


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Smart Meters for ComEd Customers

ComEd plans to install approximately 4 million smart meters in all homes and businesses across northern Illinois by the end of 2018. More than 3 million smart meters are already installed.

Customers who have smart meters installed at their homes can enjoy:

  • Access to online energy-management tools, high-usage alerts and weekly reports summarizing daily electricity usage to help manage electric bills.
  • The option to enroll in ComEd's Peak Time Savings program, and earn a credit on electric bills by voluntarily reducing electricity use when it is most in demand.​
  • Pay the hourly market price for electricity by signing up for Hourly Pricing and save money by shifting electricity use to times when prices are lower.
  • Fewer estimated bills, and smart meters help eliminate the need for a meter reader to visit your home.

Do You Have a Smart Meter?

Our Installation Schedule can help you determine if a smart meter has been installed at your home, or when you can expect to have a smart meter installed. If a smart meter has not yet been installed at your home, here's what you can expect during installation:

  • You will be notified by mail when installations are scheduled for your area.
  • A uniformed meter installer with appropriate identification from ComEd or Corix, a ComEd-authorized contractor, will perform the installation at no cost to you.
  • Please be sure there is nothing blocking access to the meter.
  • Installation typically takes 10 minutes. Expect a brief interruption to your electric service.


Smart Meter Education​
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​Fact Sheets
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Radio Frequency & Smart Meters (pdf)​
Do You Have a Smart Meter? (pdf)
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Smart Meter Residential Installation Fact Sheet (pdf)

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