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Smart Meters for Your Business

​Smart meters are digital, electric meters that wirelessly provide secure, two-way communication between the meter and ComEd and also allow you access to more information about your usage.

A Smart Meter Provides Three Key Benefits

  1. More control over your energy use to help you save money
  2. Better service by automatically sending meter readings, helping eliminate estimated bills and the need for a meter reader to visit your business
  3. Quicker response times during outages and more efficient outage restoration



Smart Meters for ComEd Customers

ComEd plans to install approximately 4 million smart meters in all homes and businesses across northern Illinois by the end of 2018. More than 3 million smart meters are already installed.

Customers who have smart meters installed at their business can enjoy:

  • Help reduce the need for meter readers to visit your building or business and request access to your facilities, as well as help reduce the number of estimated bills.
  • Provide access to more of your business’ electricity usage information to help you save energy and money.
  • Help ComEd monitor electricity usage and power quality on the smart grid to better assess the effectiveness of recent electric-system improvements and further ensure you receive reliable electric service.
  • When the smart grid is complete, smart meters will notify ComEd when outages occur and when power is restored. This means your power can be restored more quickly.

What You Can Expect During Installation

  • You will be notified by ComEd when installations are scheduled for your area.
  • A uniformed meter installer with appropriate identification from ComEd or Corix, a ComEd-authorized contractor, will perform the installation at no cost to you.
  • Please be sure there is nothing blocking access to the meter.
  • Installation is not expected to interrupt your electric service.
  • For more information, check out the Smart Meter Education tab to the right.

ComEd’s installation schedule provides you with details of our smart meter deployment schedule.

Contact Us

To speak with a representative about a smart meter, please call: 1-866-368-8326.


​Smart Meter Education
90-day and 30-day Pre-Install letters (pdf)​
Smart Meter FAQ (pdf)​
Smart Meter Welcome Mailer (pdf)​
​Fact Sheets
Smart Grid & Data Security (pdf)
Smart Meters & Radio Frequency (RF) Emissions (pdf)​
Radio Frequency & Smart Meters (pdf)​
Radio Frequency Q&A (pdf)
Smart Grid & Privacy (pdf)
Smart Meter Business Installation Fact Sheet (pdf)

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