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Sample HOA Solar Application

The application is only intended as a rough guide.  As such, it does not constitute legal advice, nor does it attempt to anticipate either the expectations or requirements of the respective association.  It is advisable that you consult your own attorney before submitting this application to your homeowner's association or condominium association.




City: _____________________________


Zip Code: _________________________

Telephone (Daytime): ______________Email Address: _____________________   

Check only one:

  • I am submitting this Application in a manner and with detail that is responsive to the Association's "Energy Policy Statement" that was adopted on________________.
  • I am submitting this Application with the understanding that it will trigger the adoption of an "Energy Policy Statement" by the Association within 120 days of receipt. See Homeowners' Energy Policy Statement Act. 765 ILCS 165/1 et seq.

Home/Property Site:

  1. I am a member of the __________________ Association since _______________.
  2. The address of my home/property is_____________________.  (circle one)
  3. My ComEd meter number is ___________________________.
  4. I am interested in installing the following Solar Energy System on my home/property at this address: _________________________________________.

Initial Steps:

  1. I have attached a site assessment and structural analysis of my home/property prepared by: ________________________________.
  2. The solar installation contractor that I intend to hire for the installation is:
  3.            ________________________________.
  4. I have researched and satisfied myself that this contractor is qualified and holds a certificate from the Illinois Commerce Commission.
  5. I have researched the requirements of 83 Illinois Administrative Code, Part 466 for the interconnection of Solar Energy Systems.
  6. I understand the ComEd process for submitting my interconnection application.
  7. I have contacted the local government authority and have received information as to the permit required for my installation and the relevant ordinances that apply in my situation.  These are: ____________________________________________.
  8. In addition, as required by the approved Association Energy Policy Statement, I have included the following: ________________


  • I understand that written approval from this association is required before the exterior installation of any Solar Power Devices can begin.
  • I further understand that approval of my interconnection application must be received from ComEd before installation of my Solar Energy System can begin. My ComEd interconnection application number is ____________.
  • I further understand that all necessary permits must be applied for with ______________ (the local governing authority) before installation of my Solar Energy System can begin.
  • I will make myself available to appear before the Association to answer questions and present photos, documents, illustrations, drawings and the like, that will inform a final decision on my application.

Amended Application:

(If no Energy Policy Statement has been adopted by the Association at the time of Application.)

I request the opportunity to amend this application within 14 days following receipt of the association's adoption of an Energy Policy Statement.

Check one:  __________ yes   __________ no.

Dated: ____________________

Signed: _________________________________

Name:     _______________________________

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