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Net Metering

​​If you are a residential or commercial customer who owns or operates an eligible renewable electric generator that generates electricity for your own use, you may qualify for Net Metering. An eligible renewable electric generator is one that is located on your premises and is powered by solar electric energy (e.g. photovoltaic), wind, dedicated crops grown for electricity generation, anaerobic digestion of livestock or food processing waste, fuel cells or microturbines powered by renewable fuels, or hydroelectric energy.

Solar Panels and Power Lines

Net Metering will provide customers credits for the excess generated energy that flows onto the distribution system according to the terms of ComEd's Net Metering tariff, Rider POGNM – Parallel Operation of Retail Customer Generating Facilities with Net Metering.

ComEd has assembled answers to some Frequently Asked Questions to provide guidance for common net metering application inquiries.

Apply for Net Metering

You can apply using either the online electronic application or the PDF application below.

We strongly recommend completing the application online as ComEd is making an effort to reduce paper use and streamline the application process; however printable, mailable forms are available.

Net Metering & Solar Credits

When you have a solar system and are being billed for net metering, you are charged only for the net amount of energy you use during each billing period (i.e., the amount of energy we deliver to you minus the excess amount you send back to the smart grid). And, if you send more energy to the grid than we deliver, you can receive credits on your bill. This program allows you to make full use of your own solar energy system, giving you more control over your energy costs. Net metering credits will expire at the end of the annual period specified on the Net Metering Election Form

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