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Solar 101

Solar energy is one of our greatest renewable energy sources. Launch our solar calculator to help you learn more about solar options that may best match your property.

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The Power of the Sun

Did you know that just in one hour, the sun radiates more energy onto earth than the entire human population uses in one year? It’s true!

A solar energy system, or solar PV system (photovoltaic system), uses individual solar cells on a solar panel to capture sunlight and convert it into energy. Modern technology can harness solar energy for a variety of uses, including lights and appliances, electronics and business equipment—even electric cars.

Solar Facts

  • Solar works in Illinois! Illinois may not be the sunniest state, but there's plenty of sunlight to power solar energy.

  • Being connected to the smart grid is important. Connecting to the smart grid will keep power flowing to you when your private solar energy system doesn't produce all the energy you need.

  • ComEd helps enable energy choices for all customers. Renters or owners of multi-family dwellings can access the benefits of solar energy with community solar—a large scale system that is owned and maintained by a third party and is not located at your property.


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Will I Still Receive an Energy Bill?

ComEd will still deliver energy to you when needed. Your energy bill reflects the energy delivered, and the credits you receive when your private solar energy systems produces more energy than you use. The customer charge and standard meter charges apply to all bills and are not affected by net metering credits.

Do you have more questions? Check out our FAQ section.

Available Options

In Illinois, there are a couple of options to consider when going solar:

Install Solar Panels

If your property's roof has open space, and you're able to make the investment, a rooftop solar energy system may be right for you. Launch our solar calculator to get the estimated cost, savings, and rebates of your future system.

Community Solar

If you are not able to install panels, community solar can still give you the benefits of clean, renewable solar energy. Developers and contractors are starting to plan solar farms in Illinois, which will allow residents and businesses to subscribe to this clean energy. Learn more about community solar.

Illinois Solar for All Programs

Income-eligible customers may qualify for more affordable solar installations, or community solar subscriptions, through state incentives provided by the Illinois Solar for All programs. Check eligibility and find an approved vendor: Illinois Solar for All (

Researching Solar

Find out your solar potential and estimated savings through our solar calculator. Enter your address, answer a few questions, and we will give you a personalized evaluation. Our solar calculator can:

  • Calculate your estimated costs, savings, and payback period
  • Create an image of your rooftop solar exposure
  • Use your historical energy usage as part of its calculations
  • Show available credits and rebates that shape your investment
  • Break down your environmental impact

Solar is growing and more solar developers are entering the arena. That means more options for you! However, while ComEd is a trusted source for information about solar energy, we do not sell any solar energy or products, guarantee external savings claims, or partner with any solar contractors. Beware of companies that may be misrepresenting themselves as ComEd. Learn More

Launch OurSolar Calculator

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​Solar Brochure

Solar Panels

​Keep us​eful solar information on hand. Get the Solar Brochure:
Residential (pdf) Spanish (pdf) Business (pdf)

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