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Apply for Give-A-Ray

Give-A-Ray℠ is a solar offer designed to increase access to solar energy in your community and is made possible by Illinois Solar for All. This offer is only available to income eligible residents. Give-A-Ray offers the opportunity to take advantage of community solar – without paying any subscription fees. Customers can save on average $1,000 annually on their energy bills!

Program Details

Give-A-Ray is designed to give more customers access to community solar, a "farm" of solar panels owned and operated by a community solar developer. With community solar, you can earn bill credits without installing a private energy solar system at your property. Watch the video below to see how community solar works:


Video Transcript

Nexamp, Groundswell and Trajectory Energy Partners are community solar developers, partnering with ComEd on this program so that income eligible customers with an active ComEd account can take advantage of a community solar project without paying the usual subscription fees. 

To participate, please complete the online application form below and agree to a three-year contract. Enrollment is limited to first come, first serve. Participation is free, and eligible customers will see average savings of $83 per month, or $1,000 annually. Bill credits are applied to monthly electricity bills.


Residential customers with an active ComEd account who: 

  • Are at or below 80% area median income
  • Not an active participant in the following programs:
    • Percentage of Income Payment Plan (PIPP)
    • Supplemental Arrearage Reduction Program (SARP)
    • RTOD/Hourly Pricing
    • Net Metering
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