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Getting Started in the Portal

ComEd has developed a secure portal that is utilized for subscriber/beneficiary enrollment. Developers and Community Supply Facility Managers can use the portal to add subscribers or beneficiaries to a community solar project. After approval, those customers will begin accumulating credits the following day and those credits will be reflected on their electric bill within the next one or two monthly billing cycles.

Community solar subscribers may enroll in multiple community supply projects. Each project developer will independently enroll their subscribers in the portal noting the customer account and meter number, as well as the share of the project being allocated to the customer's account.

On a monthly basis, each facility manager will be asked to log into the portal to confirm the energy generated for that month. Once that data is confirmed, the portal will calculate the share of the credits to be applied to each subscriber for that generation period.

Accessing the Portal

Step 1 (Recommended Approach): Create a community solar portal My Account. This user ID will directly connect you to the Community Solar Portal (CSP) landing page each time you login. (If you have an existing My Account that is tied to your ComEd residential or business account, you can use that, but you will have to navigate to CSP). Here is a job aid that will walk you through the steps to create a community solar portal "My Account" User ID and password.

Step 2: By visiting, you’ll be directed to a Log In page. If you log in using the Community Solar "My Account" User ID and password you've established, you'll immediately be directed to the Community Solar Portal landing page.

Step 3: Once you are at the CSP landing page, click on + New Facility button to tell us about the CS project where you will be enrolling subscribers.


What you need before you add a new facility

Please read through the New Facility Application so you are prepared to complete and submit your application. Data entered will be lost if not submitted.  Information you will need to provide includes:

  • Name, Address, and Phone Number of the Company that owns the Community Supply Facility (CS Facility).
  • Name, phone number and email address for ComEd's primary point of contact (POC) for this CS Facility.
  • Same information as above for any Subscriber Organizations that will be authorized to access the facility to view and manage subscribers.
  • Contact information for individuals that will be able to assist with questions about billing, credits and promotional information about your facility.
  • Details about the Community Solar project, including the name and address of the facility, the ComEd account number, interconnection project ID#, the project's nameplate capacity, and the anticipated annual generation amount in kWh (AC).
  • Tell us whether you plan to enroll subscribers in the form of a kW allocation or in the form of a percentage allocation.
  • Be prepared to let us know if you have received your Qualifying Facility Certification or, if your project is under 1 MW, let us know if it has been self-certified with FERC.
  • Let us know whether your facility is a Type A, Type B or Type C Community Supply facility.
  • Finally, be prepared to certify that you have read, understand and agree to the terms and conditions at the bottom of the application, and confirm that all information provided in the application is complete and true.  Then, submit your application.

Note: If you visit and login with the "My Account" User ID and password associated with your residential or business account, you'll still be able to access the portal, but you will need to navigate there by first visiting this Community Solar Resources page and then clicking on the Login button below.

Login to the Portal

If you have a Community Solar "My Account" but are unable to view a facility

The individual listed in the Community Solar Portal as the "Facility Owner" must approve access by others to view and manage that facility using the portal. As the primary point of contact (POC), he/she can reach out to the portal administrator with the "My Account" User ID for those individuals that have permission to view and manage the details of one or more of their facilities. Ten users are the maximum number of authorized users recommended per facility. Once you have a "My Account" User ID and have been authorized by the Facility Owner to be added as a User of their Community Solar Facility using that same "My Account" email address, you should be set.

The Community Solar Handbook

The Community Solar Handbook
This guide provides information about the procedures and requirements for doing community solar projects within the ComEd service territory.
Chapter 1: Terms and Definitions
Chapter 2: Interconnections
Chapter 3: Developer and Portal
Chapter 4: Managing Subscribers
Chapter 5: Developer Reporting
Chapter 6: Resources and Change Control Process

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