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Community Solar

At ComEd, we are powering a cleaner and brighter future for our customers and communities. Today, our customers have more choices than ever before in receiving reliable, clean, affordable and innovative energy products, and we are committed to driving that progress.

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What Is Community Solar?

As part of our commitment, ComEd supports community solar as an opportunity for customers to benefit from solar energy.

For over a century, energy was primarily generated at large central plants, often at considerable distance from the customer. With community solar, a solar generating system provides benefits to community members.

Community options expand access to solar power for renters, those with shaded roofs or properties, and those who choose not to install a system at their home or business for financial or other reasons.

How Does Community Solar Work?

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1. Join

Homes and businesses earn bill credits by subscribing to a Community Solar project.

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2. Community Solar

“Farm” of Solar Panels owned and operated by a Community Solar Developer.

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3. Energy Generated

Energy generated by Community Solar flows to the energy grid to become part of the overall energy supply.

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4. Energy Delivery

ComEd delivers energy through the grid to homes and businesses.

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5. Bill Credits

Subscribers pay a monthly subscription for the Community Solar Project and receive credits on their ComEd bill for energy generated by the solar farm.

Community Solar Subscriptions

Through subscription-based community solar, customers subscribe to a portion of the electricity generated and receive credits on their bill for the solar energy produced by the community solar generating system.

Solar is growing and more solar developers are entering the arena. That means more options for you! However, while ComEd is a trusted source for information about solar energy, we do not sell any solar energy or products, guarantee external savings claims, or partner with any solar contractors. Beware of companies that may be misrepresenting themselves as ComEd. Learn More

Find a Community Solar Project

Illinois Shines and the Citizens Utility Board (CUB) maintain lists that may be helpful for ComEd customers to find and evaluate Community Solar subscription offers. 

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