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Rate Options

Electric vehicles need to be plugged into a source of electricity, just like a cell phone or a laptop computer, to charge their batteries. And, since electricity will be the new fuel for your transportation, the rate you pay for electricity will likely become more important.

Available Supply Rates

There are four rate options available to ComEd residential customers: ComEd’s Fixed-Price rate (BES), ComEd's Hourly Pricing rate (BESH), ComEd's Time-of-Day pilot rate (RTOD) and a Delivery Services rate (RDS). Rate BES is the applicable default rate for residential customers unless another rate option is chosen. 

*Additional information on rate options can be found below and in Rates & Tariffs.

Fixed-Price Rate (BES)

With ComEd’s fixed-price rate, Rate BES (Basic Electric Service), you pay a fixed price for your electricity supply. This price varies by season; it is adjusted periodically but it does not change from hour to hour or from day to day. You pay the same price for electricity no matter what time of day or which day you use it. View Rate Information.

Hourly Pricing Rate (BESH)

ComEd’s Hourly Pricing program, Rate BESH (Basic Electric Service Hourly Pricing), allows customers to pay an hourly price for electricity based on wholesale market prices. The price varies by the hour, and customers can manage their costs by shifting some of their electricity use to times when prices are lower (typically during night and weekend hours). Since most EV drivers charge overnight enrolling in ComEd's Hourly Pricing program allows customers to take advantage of lower prices and reduce your electric vehicle's fueling costs.

Customers who sign up for Hourly Pricing have access to tools to help them monitor electricity prices and manage their costs. Learn more about ComEd’s Hourly Pricing program, or contact an Hourly Pricing specialist at 888-202-7787. 

Time-of-Day Pricing Rate

ComEd's Time-of-Day Pricing Rate will be available to residential customers beginning in June 2020. The pilot is limited to 1,900 participants and will be operational for at least four years. 

The pilot structure has three different pricing periods with prices being highest when electricity is most in demand (typically mid-afternoon and early evenings) and lowest in the late evenings and early mornings when electricity is least in demand. If you’re able to charge your electric vehicle overnight, run your dishwasher later in the evenings, or adjust your thermostat by a few degrees, you can see savings on your energy bill with the Time-of-Day Pricing rate. If you can shift, you can save! Learn more about Time-of-Day Pricing.

Delivery Services Rate

The retail delivery services rate is applicable to customers who elect to have their electricity supplied by others than ComEd. Retail Electric Service (RES) provide customers with with options outside their local utility companies for electricity supply. A RES is certified by the Illinois Commerce Commission and registered to supply electricity to ComEd customers. Read about Customer Choice.

* Regardless of the rate you choose, all residential customers receive the same delivery services under Rate RDS from ComEd that are reflected on your monthly bill (Customer Charge, Standard metering Charge and Distribution Facilities Charge). These charges finance the maintenance of the poles, wires and services required to deliver electricity to your home and are shown separately on your electricity bill. Your selection of power and energy supplier will not impact the quality of the delivery service you receive from ComEd.

** Even though a majority of RRTP participants have saved money, RRTP may not be right for everyone, and bill savings cannot be guaranteed.

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