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Learn About the Test Bed

Established in 2012, ComEd’s Test Bed was developed as part of the Illinois Energy Infrastructure Modernization Act, commonly known as the Smart Grid Law. Our Test Bed provides an open, unbiased opportunity to see your technology at work on a live electric grid. The Test Bed is designed to help you test your technologies by enabling you to demonstrate the functional aspects of specific equipment and help you verify that your product, service or business model provides the intended results.

Test Bed Benefits

Test Bed participants have access to the ComEd electric system, subject to appropriate protections. Testing Smart Grid technology in a live-grid environment can offer benefits that a laboratory environment may not, such as:

  • Better understanding of customer impacts
  • Visibility to energy industry stakeholders
  • Grid-tested results for your technology, business model, service and/or application
  • Discovery of additional technology, business models, services and/or applications
  • Experience working directly with a large utility to test your technology

Test Bed Participant Eligibility

Test Bed technologies may come from a variety of sources, including companies, professional organizations, universities, government and entrepreneurs.

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