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Understand Our Grounds Repair Process

Maintaining or installing our electrical equipment (e.g. transformers, underground cable, or power poles) often requires work on private property. This work is necessary so ComEd can provide reliable service to your home or business. 

There's a shared responsibility between property owners and ComEd when it comes to providing ComEd crews access to company equipment on or near your property. Known as a property easement, this right-of-way gives ComEd permission to access your property for the repair or service of its equipment. Contact us with any of your grounds repair questions at 1-800-EDISON-1 (1-800-334-7661).


Our Work Requires Digging

The servicing or repairing of ComEd equipment can require soil excavation and other disruptions requiring subsequent grounds repair. Typical service requiring grounds repair include:

  • Digging or trenching in the repair or replacement of underground cables.
  • Power pole repair or replacement.
  • Ground ruts caused by construction equipment tires, tracks or stabilizers used to access ComEd property.

Keeping You Aware

Before ComEd equipment repair or maintenance work commences on site, a ComEd crew member will attempt to contact the property owner to inform them of work happening that day. This contact may take the form of a door card if the property owner is not home. A separate card will be provided from the visiting landscaping crew to alert owners to the completed grounds repairs.

Repairing the Ground or Lawn

Seeding remains our primary tool for lawn repair. ComEd landscapers apply best practices in the prep of grounds, its repair, and finishing. When excavating grounds on your property, we recognize repairs will be necessary. Our landscapers will make repairs that include:

  • Compacting fill soil and finishing by raking grass seed into applied topsoil.
  • An initial watering to saturate the repaired surface (customers must follow up with daily watering).
  • Repair of disrupted concrete or blacktop surfaces.
  • Backfill any needed excavation.
  • Spread remaining backfill to match the existing property grade (after ground settles).

Repairing Additional Property

Though unlikely, property damage beyond surface grounds might occur. Examples of other property include:

  • Fencing
  • Brick paving
  • Plant materials
  • Shrubs and bushes

ComEd evaluates property damage on a case-by-case basis for both surface and other property repair. Our crews take digital photos to record damage that may merit repair. A crew member will leave a door hanger card to notify you of the damage and plans for repair. If you feel damage was missed or are unsatisfied with repairs, you should contact us at 1-800-Edison-1 (1-800-334-7661) and tell the representative that you have a property restoration issue.  A property restoration coordinator will be in contact with you.

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