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High Bill

Why is my bill higher
than I expected?

We understand a higher bill can be concerning. We’re here to help you understand the details of your bill and offer solutions to help you manage your future bills.

Many Factors Can Affect Your Bill


Very hot or cold days can impact heating and cooling costs and cause fluctuations in your usage. Your use of other seasonal items like space heaters, pool pumps, and dehumidifiers may also vary.

Holidays & Vacations

Holidays may be an occasion for guests, additional cooking, and more time spent at home, all of which may result in higher use of home appliances. Even holiday lighting and decorations can all add up.

Household Usage

Changes such as a student back from college or others moving in can impact the cost to power your home.


Old appliances use more energy than newer models. Others may still draw power when plugged in even if they are turned off.

Let’s Break Down Your Bill

Take Steps to Manage Your Bill


Use Your Account Tools

Use your My Account tools to access hour-by-hour and day-by-day energy usage info. Understand how much energy you’re using and when, and get personalized savings tips.


Find Ways to Save

Receive rebates on select appliances and instant discounts on LEDs. Find opportunities to reduce energy use with a FREE energy assessment that includes free and discounted products.


Explore Pricing Programs

Compare programs that let you earn a bill credit or save money by shifting your energy use to times when demand is lower. Check out the available programs to see if one may be right for you.


Set Your Alerts

Eliminate bill surprises. With High Usage Alerts we will notify you when your energy use is trending higher than usual. Set your alert and notification preferences.

Need Assistance?

Bill Payment Assistance

If you are experiencing financial hardship, we may be able to help.

See if you qualify

Payment Arrangements

If you are having difficulty paying your bill, check with us about setting up payment arrangements.

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Budget Billing

Enjoy consistent and predictable payments with a pre-arranged monthly amount.

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