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Transmission Interconnection

If you are considering the option of connecting a generator to ComEd's electric transmission system, you must meet certain facility connection and performance requirements that are established to avoid adverse impacts on reliability. In general, this section applies to larger generators (e.g., Commercial Wind Farms, Biomass or Solar Projects).

PJM Interconnection

ComEd and PECO are members of the PJM Interconnection LLC. The primary responsibility for the interconnection process and requirements is with PJM. The PJM Manual 14 series address the interconnection process, planning study requirements, and facility connection requirements specific to the PJM transmission system. The PJM Manuals can be accessed via the PJM website. Interconnection Requestors should review the PJM Manual for specific PJM requirements.

The ComEd and PECO Transmission Facility Connection Requirements provides a high-level overview of the connection requirements and is intended to serve as a first step communication with new interconnection customers. Except in cases where specifically delineated, the requirements within the document are applicable to all generator, transmission, and end-user facility interconnections. For consistency with the North American Electric Reliability Council (NERC) Standard, the paragraph headings in this document use the requirement numbers as defined in the NERC FAC-001 Standard, "Facility Connection Requirements".


ComEd Transmission Facility Connection Requirements (pdf)


This document provides guidance applicable to Generator Interconnection Customers planning to operate generators greater than 20 MW that will be interconnected to the ComEd transmission system. This guideline is intended to provide standards that apply to various aspects of Generator Interconnection Customers’ interface with ComEd. It contains technical standards regarding generator interconnection, relay and protection, SCADA, communication, and metering. It also contains protocols that address generator interconnection arrangements, real estate transactions, facility energization, and post-energization interface associated with such generator interconnections.
ComEd Interconnection Guidelines for Generators Greater than 20MW (pdf)

The interconnection guidelines for generators 2MVA - 20MVA and less than 2MVA provide additional reference for interconnection of generators to the transmission or distribution system.
Exelon Energy Delivery Interconnection Guidelines for Generators 2 MVA or less (pdf)
Exelon Energy Delivery Interconnection Guidelines greater than 2 MVA but less than or equal to 20 MVA (pdf)


Disclaimer: This document is intended to highlight the ComEd and PECO requirements and is not intended to fully replicate or to replace the PJM documentation. In addition the PJM OATT provides the Interconnection Services Agreement (ISA) that is utilized by ComEd/PECO and that includes several of the interconnection requirements. Normally all interconnection requests are directed to PJM. PJM Manuals and OATT are posted publicly on the PJM website.

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