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Required Information


To expedite your request, it is helpful if you have some required information before you get started. Please review the information below to be prepared.

General Information

  • Permit number (for City of Chicago requests only)
  • Address of project
  • Customer name, mailing address, phone, fax and email
  • Tax ID number, Social security number or other form of positive identification
  • Electrician, Contractor or Owner contact information
  • Service characteristics (such as multi-unit building, upgrade, revision, etc.)
  • Date by which service/change is needed

Additional Information for Specific Requests 

  • Service Revision: Upgrades or revisions requiring additional load
  • Service Revision: One-line diagram when applicable
  • Residential Subdivision: Set of preliminary plans
  • Residential Subdivision: Number of lots, total number of units/buildings
  • Residential Subdivision: Type of units (custom, townhouse, tract, condo, apartment or other)
  • Residential Subdivision: Street light requirements
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