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Fees & Payment


There may be costs associated with the provision or revision of electric service for your project. In addition, a deposit may be required if your project requires the installation of a "non-standard" service or requires multiple design options. The deposit will be for engineering costs and will be based on the estimated time required for both the field and engineering design.


If you ultimately decide to move forward with this project, the deposit will be credited against your final payment amount. If you choose not to proceed with the work, the deposit will be retained by ComEd to cover the engineering costs associated with your project. If you have requested multiple design options, you will only receive a credit for the option that you choose to authorize for construction.

Fees for Non-Standard Service

Examples of "non-standard" services include, but are not limited to: residential service connections that exceed the standard length, the complete relocation of electric facilities, or a service that requires added facilities to serve interfering loads, or multiple/redundant points of service. The Illinois Commerce Commission requires that ComEd recover the additional costs for "non-standard" services from customers requesting these services or facilities so that those with standard service do not pay for the additional costs.

For More Information

Call ComEd at 1-866-NEW-ELEC (866-639-3532).

Contract Payment

Contract fees will automatically be added to the requestor’s (developer, contractor, owner) regular ComEd monthly bill. Contract payments may be made online by using any of the payment options available for bill payment.

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