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Energy Supply Options

At ComEd, all customers in our service area have the opportunity to choose their provider of electric power and energy as well as metering services. This right is often referred to as Customer Choice. To determine an estimate of your current ComEd bill price and compare against other service providers, please use the bill estimator tool to get an educated guess.

Woman using bill estimator tool 

Supply & Delivery

​​​​​Your energy service is divided into two parts: supply, the cost of the gas and/or electricity, and delivery, transportation of the energy.

Delivery is a regulated service which means that ComEd will continue to deliver electricity to all customers. This also means that ComEd is responsible for the wires, poles and outage restoration regardless of supplier. ComEd's costs and policies are regulated by the Illinois Commerce Commission (ICC).

Supply, however, is not a regulated service. Retail Electric Suppliers that are licensed by the ICC and registered with ComEd may become your supplier, if you wish. This gives you the choice and allows you to shop for the best rates and terms.


  • You have the right to choose who provides the supply portion of your electric service.
  • You may also choose the provider of your metering service.
  • ComEd continues to provide the delivery of electricity to all customers.
  • ComEd remains responsible for the wires, poles and all outage restoration.
  • ComEd will treat all customers equally, regardless of choice of service provider.

Estimate Your Bill

Get an educated guess on your electric bill. Use the Bill Estimator Tool to help approximate your energy rate and bills.

Certified Retail Electric Suppliers

Suppliers are certified by the Illinois Commerce Commission and ComEd. Suppliers offer a variety of supply products. View Certified Supplier List (pdf)

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