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Designation of a General Account Agent

Property Manager Portal

Retail customers, which includes both residential and non-residential customers, may designate a third-party, known as the General Account Agent (GAA). A GAA would receive the customer's bills and notices and handles requests on behalf of the customer in accordance with ComEd tariffs.

How It Works

  • GAA is the choice of the customer
  • GAA receives all bills and notices.
  • GAA selection process is independent of Retail Electric Supplier (RES) supply selection
  • GAA does not have the authority to request customer's prior credit history or to disconnect or connect service

Election of GAA

Termination of GAA

  • Customer or GAA may submit General Account Agent Termination Form (pdf).
  • Submit signed termination form to fax number 630-684-2692.
  • NOTES: 
    1. The termination form provided serves both Non-Residential and Residential accounts
    2. Customer signed termination form is required to change a mailing address from GAA back to the customer
    3. ComEd has up to 3 business days to complete change to GAA

Landlords and property managers can establish agreements with ComEd that provide uninterrupted service between tenants. This will automatically place billing in your name after a tenant leaves a premise, and ensure continuous service. View the Landlord Agreement Form (pdf) and Landlord Cancellation Form (pdf). For more information about the online process, see our FAQs (pdf) and Step-by-Step Guide (pdf).

By creating an online account, you can set up agreements with ComEd to provide uninterrupted electric service to the properties you manage. It only takes a matter of minutes!

  • Manage service to all of your properties online
  • View real-time billing responsibility
  • Add and remove properties at any time
  • Process Move-in and Move-out requests on behalf of your tenants

Landlords and property managers who manage commercial rental space may use the Portal to view the electric responsibility to all the buildings and units in their landlord agreement. They may also use the Portal to disconnect service on behalf of their tenants. However, establishing electric service at a commercial rental property or unit requires a call to ComEd at 1-877-4-ComEd-1 (1-877-426-6331).

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