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Customer Electricity Contractors

After storms, ComEd knows customers want power restored as quickly and safely as possible. However, an incomplete understanding of what electrical equipment is ComEd’s responsibility to repair and what equipment customers must repair can slow restoration of electrical service after storms.

In addition to risers and brackets which physically connect service lines to residences, some customers may own their own primary equipment, such as poles, power lines and transformers. If repairs are needed to customer primary equipment a regular electrician may not be able to repair all the damage. Instead, an electricity contractor may be needed to work on a customer’s primary equipment.

Below is a list of electricity contractors that ComEd has worked with.

​Electricity Contractor
Contact #
​Dynamic Utility Solutions 
​Robbie Wiggs
​Ryan Kasten
​Henkels & McCoy
​Edgar Hernandez
​JF Electric
​Kevin Pour
​Joe Holland
​Prince Darkwah

The list of residential electricity contractors, also known as Electricity Contractors, is provided by Commonwealth Edison Company (ComEd) as an information source only.  The publication or sharing of this list should not be considered, in any way, to be an endorsement, recommendation, or promotion, either expressed or implied, of any of the Electricity Contractors listed by ComEd.  Accordingly, it is the customer's sole responsibility to investigate and determine the technical capabilities and reliability of the Electricity Contractor prior to entering into a contract.  Customers agree that their selection of any of the Electricity Contractors on this list are completely voluntary and made without promise, warranty, or guarantee ComEd.

This listing is not intended to be an all-inclusive list of qualified Electricity Contractors.
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