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Request Account Billing History or Energy/Heat Disclosure


Property managers can request premises usage and billing history for the previous 12 month period. This information is typically used to facilitate the Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Section 8 analysis. Also, property managers can request Disclosure of Utility Cost as required by the City of Chicago ordinance. This request is also known as a Heat Disclosure or Energy Disclosure request.

Your Data Request Is Now Faster than Ever

Download the ComEd Request file, enter the property information and then email the completed file back to us with the accompanying form or authorization, available below. Your request will typically be processed within two to three business days.

  • Email your requests - no more faxing  
  • Receive information in Excel format - copy and paste data for HUD Sec 8 analysis file includes billing statements  
  • Energy/heat disclosure letters are provided in the spreadsheet file for easy printing  
  • Your requested information is delivered via secure email - free, fast, secure, and it saves paper

Account Billing History/HUD Requests

Email with the following two completed forms:

Energy/Heat Disclosure Requests

Email with the following two completed forms:


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