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Paperless eBill is a fast, easy and secure way to eliminate your paper bill and to receive and pay your bill online.

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Enrollment is quick and easy. You will receive an email and/or text notification when your bill is ready to view – anytime, anywhere.

Your online bill is identical to your current paper bill and is available to view, download, or print at any time, along with prior billing history. For a quick look, the notification includes your amount due and due date. Enroll Today!

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What Happens Next

Example of an eBill email notification

Get Notified When Your Bill Is Ready

Your enrollment status for paperless eBill will be updated by the next day.

You will start to receive an email/text notification once your bill is ready. Review the details online and access the full bill in your My Account.


What is eBill?

eBill is our customer electronic bill delivery system. It allows customers to view their bills online. You will be notified by your preferred method of contact when your bill is ready, including the amount due, your payment due date, and a link to retrieve and view a pdf version of your bill.

What does my eBill look like?

It looks just like your paper bill. You can access it online and pay it anytime.

How do I set up my eBill Account?

Sign in to your My Account, simply select “Modify” and click on “Enroll.” Enrollment only takes 3 to 5 minutes. Your enrollment status for paperless eBill will be updated by the next day.

Don’t have a My Account? Register for online access to your account for a fast and easy way to view and pay your bill, along with a variety of other convenient options.

What you’ll need to create a My Account:

  • A valid email address
  • One of the following combinations:
    • Phone number and the last 4 digits of your SSN/TIN
    • Account number and the last 4 digits of your SSN/TIN or Zip Code

During the registration process choose to receive your bill via eBill.

How do I access my bill once I set up my personal My Account?

When you receive your Bill is Ready notification, click on the link and sign into your My Account.

Can I pay my bill online as well?

Yes, you can. You can save a checking account or debit/credit card in your My Account. There is no fee to pay your bill with your debit/credit card or with a checking account. When you receive your Bill is Ready notification, you can go into your My Account to review your bill. You can authorize payment with your saved payment account. No need for stamps or wondering if your mailed payment was received on time. You can still pay your bill by paper check, but you would miss out on the convenience of online pay. For even more convenience, you can sign up for AutoPay at

Will I lose the payment reminder, usage information and payment history if I don’t receive a paper bill?

This information is available online in an easily accessible and organized manner. When you receive your Bill is Ready notification and log into your My Account, your actual bill and all the accompanying information is available online. Best of all, ComEd retains the past 24 months of your billing/usage activity online so that it is always available to you anytime and anywhere.

Can I try eBill and switch back to paper bills?

Sure; you can switch back to paper bills anytime

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