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How to Read My Meter

Electric meters use either digital displays or dials. Some locations are equipped with standard analog meters, which have a series of dials showing electricity usage. Other locations are equipped with smart meters, which cycle through up to six easy-to-read digital displays, instead of dials. ComEd is upgrading analog meters across northern Illinois and plans to install approximately 4 million smart meters at all homes and businesses by the end of 2018.

Smart meters communicate your usage back to ComEd, whereas analog meters need to be read and recorded. ComEd meter readers use hand-held computers to read meters around the same date every month. Our meter readers wear ComEd uniforms and carry ID to show you upon request.

Read an Analog Meter

​In this example, the meter reading is 73256.
1. ​Always begin with the dial on the far right.
​2. Record the lowest number the pointer has passed, even if the pointer has almost reached the next number.
3. ​Each dial as you move from right to left is in the opposite direction of the one before it. If the first dial rotates clockwise, the next will rotate counterclockwise, the third clockwise, etc.
If your meter has a digital readout, simply record this number.

Submit a Reading

  • Enter your reading using your ComEd online account.
  • Email a photo of your meter reading along with your account number and/or service address.

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Ask for ID

Always ask to see a ComEd badge before allowing anyone into your home.

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