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Residential Bill Definitions

​​​​Account Number
Unique customer identification number
Actual usage data from the premise's meter reading provided by ComEd
Amount Due/Due Date
Amount due to ComEd and when the payment is due
Budget Billing
Fixed monthly bill amount program for Budget Billing participants
Usage data from the premise's meter reading provided by the customer
Customer Charge
A monthly charge to recover part of ComEd's cost for service connections and customer services
Customer Rate
Customer's service classification; for details visit\Ratepamphlet
Deferred Payment Arrangement
Fixed monthly amount to pay a previous balance (for Deferred Payment participants)
Distribution Facilities Charge
A charge for costs incurred by ComEd for delivering electricity to the customer
Electricity Supply Charge
Charge for electricity provided during the billing period
Electric Usage Chart
Statistical view of a customer's monthly usage over the last 13 monthly billing periods, displaying kWh usage by month
Energy Efficiency Programs
An adjustment, mandated by law, for energy efficiency programs
Environmental Cost Recovery Adjustment
A charge or credit related to the recovery of certain environmental cleanup costs
Estimated usage data based on a customer's historical usage patterns
Franchise Cost
A fee to recover costs related to the franchise agreement between ComEd and the customer's municipality
IL Electricity Distribution Charge
A charge to recover the cost of the Illinois Electricity Distribution Tax
Issue Date
Date the customer's bill was created
Kilowatt-hour (kWh)
Standard measure of electricity used
Load Type
Type of service rendered – all residential customers are general service
Meter Lease
A charge for any non-standard meter-related equipment
Meter Number
Customer's unique meter identification number
Account specific transaction charges and credits such as late payment, deposit and budget billing
Multiplier X
A factor applied to usage readings for certain kinds of meters to accurately determine usage
Phone Number
Primary phone number provided by the customer
Previous Balance
Previous bill amount owed by the customer
Purchased Electricity Adjustment
A charge or credit to true-up the cost of electricity supplied by ComEd
Renewable Portfolio Standard
An adjustment, mandated by law, related to electricity generated by renewable energy sources (e.g., wind or solar)
Service Address
Location where electric service is provided and usage is measured
Smart Meter Program
An approved pilot to evaluate smart meter technology
Standard Metering Charge
A charge for the costs of the meter, meter reading and other metering services
State/Municipal Tax
A state or local tax levied upon customers
Total Payments
Summary of payments received since the last bill was issued
Transmission Services Charge
Charge for transmission system costs during the billing period
The difference between previous and present usage readings times any applicable multiplier (measured in kWhs)
Your Usage Profile-13-Month Usage (Total kWhs)
Graphical view of a customer's monthly usage over the past 13 monthly billing periods
Zero Emission Standard (ZES)
An adjustment, mandated by law, recognizing the benefits of energy sources that do not produce carbon dioxide
Zero Emission Standard Adjustment
An adjustment to the Zero Emission Standard, mandated by law, to adjust for the cost impact cap
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