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Small Business Assistance

Small Business Assistance

If you’re a small business owner and behind on your electric bills, there is help. You may qualify for a grant toward a past-due balance with assistance available for any remaining amount.

Program Details

As a small business owner, you may qualify for a grant of up to $1,000, while funds are available, to apply toward a past-due balance. You can apply for a grant once every 12 months to help with your past-due bill and once enrolled, place the remaining balance into a payment plan of up to six months.


You must meet the following eligibility requirements:

  • Have an active ComEd business service account (includes customers disconnected within the past 30 days).
  • Use less than 1400 kilowatts (kWs) of peak demand. This includes customers who are 0-100kW or watt hour. To confirm the amount of kWs your business uses, reference your ComEd bill (see sample bill).
  • Have a past balance, per the bill due date.
  • Have not received Nonprofit Special Hardship grants in 2020.
How to Apply

To apply for Small Business Assistance, please call 1-877-4-COMED-1 (1-877-426-6331)

What Happens Next

What happens after I apply?
Your eligibility will be verified, and you may receive a grant of up to $1000 to be applied towards your past-due balance. Depending on the remaining account balance, you will be put on an Installment Payment Arrangement, a collection arrangement, or must pay the remainder of what is owed.

How long does it take?
Once verified, it takes approximately two business days for the grant to be applied to your account.

How do I check the status of my application?
You may contact the CARE center for a status update or check your bill on the next cycle.

How do I receive assistance?
Call the CARE center at 888-806-CARE and ask for Small Business Assistance.

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