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Budget Billing

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Enjoy a consistent and predictable monthly payment throughout the year that eliminates that eliminates monthly or seasonal variation. Budget Billing spreads costs evenly month-to-month by charging a pre-arranged amount with each bill.

Here's How Budget Billing Works 

  • We calculate your monthly bill payment based on your usage during the last 12 months.
  • Your actual usage will continue to be shown on your monthly bill. 
  • You may enroll at any time and your Budget Billing plan will begin with your next bill. 
  • Your budget amount will be reviewed within the first two (2) months and could adjust based on actual usage. 
  • After the initial review, your monthly Budget Bill payment will be reviewed and adjusted as needed every six (6) months to keep the payment in line with your actual usage. 
  • Your account must be paid up to date. If you have two (2) consecutive late payments or three (3) late payments in a 12-month period you will be automatically removed from Budget Billing. 
  • After 12 months, any credit/debit balances will be included in the calculation for the following year's Budget Billing payment. If you prefer to have that credit/debit balance applied in full to your account, you may contact 1-800-EDISON1 after enrollment. 
  • If you unenroll from Budget Billing, you will see your regular bill amount and any past differences between your Budget Billing amount and your actual charges on your next bill.

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