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Become a Residential Energy Efficiency Service Provider

​ComEd relies on partnerships with residential contractors to help raise awareness and guide customer understanding of ComEd Energy Efficiency Program residential offerings. These professionals are referred to as ComEd Energy Efficiency Service Providers. Our ComEd Service Provider Network is eager to work with homeowners to identify and implement energy efficiency improvements and provide customer guidance on available ComEd Energy Efficiency Rebates.

If you’re in the business of helping homeowners save energy, you should become a ComEd Service Provider.

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Benefits of the Energy Efficiency Service Provider Network

  • Ability to market your company as a ComEd Energy Efficiency Service Provider and offer ComEd Rebates to customers on qualifying energy efficient installations
  • Opportunity to offer instant discounts to customers for qualifying equipment installations
  • Inclusion of your company’s name in a directory on the ComEd website accessed by residential customers to find a ComEd Service Provider to complete home improvements, eligible for ComEd rebates
  • Free program training, networking events and webinars
  • Free ComEd energy efficiency marketing materials
  • Access to new program information and updates through the ComEd Service Provider e-newsletters
  • Direct contact with outreach personnel associated with the ComEd Energy Efficiency Program offerings, to provide insight, help and guidance as needed

Residential Heating and Cooling (and Geothermal) Network

To offer ComEd Heating and Cooling rebates to ComEd residential delivery service customers, you must enroll in the ComEd Energy Efficiency Service Provider Network which requires you to: submit an online Service Provider Application, complete all ComEd Service Provider certification and documentation requirements, agree to a ComEd Energy Efficiency Service Provider Agreement for the Heating and Cooling offering and meet with a ComEd program associate (by phone, email or in person).

Contractors looking to join the ComEd Geothermal Service Provider Network must be actively certified as an Energy Efficiency Installer by the Illinois Commerce Commission (ICC), have a geothermal certification and be trained on the ComEd Heating and Cooling Rebate program to provide energy efficient options to customers. 

ComEd Energy Efficiency Service Providers have access to a separate online application through the Service Provider Portal, designed specifically for contractors. 

The Service Provider portal may be used to submit and track instant rebate applications, track rebate submission performance, access educational and marketing materials provided by ComEd and contact the ComEd Energy Efficiency Program team.

Begin your Service Provider enrollment for the Residential Heating and Cooling rebate offering today.

Email for additional support.

Contractor Requirements

As a ComEd Energy Efficiency Service Provider, you must comply with all ComEd Energy Efficiency Program terms and conditions, meet all Service Provider eligibility requirements, maintain good customer service ratings and represent the program accurately.

Residential contractors may view the Heating & Cooling Rebates FAQ for more information.

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