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Regional Demographics

At ComEd, our commitment to providing safe and reliable electricity contributes to the quality of life in Northern Illinois and is a key component of the region’s overall economic development potential. Without a robust electrical system in place, Chicago and Northern Illinois would be unable to effectively compete for new business expansions in the global economy and existing businesses would be less competitive. ComEd’s service territory is rated as the lowest carbon output location for electricity generation among major cities based in large part on the 41% installed nuclear capacity in place.

Northern Illinois Location

Located in the Midwest area of the central U.S., the Northern Illinois region is well positioned for national and international market access and rich with resources that can help your business grow. The State of Illinois has restructured its electricity industry to allow all customers to choose an electricity supplier of their choice. A Northern Illinois location offers businesses a robust, deregulated energy-exporting region that provides for more opportunities, options, and price stability over time and is not something available in other neighboring Midwestern States. ComEd’s peak system demand is 23,613 MW set in 2006. 

The ComEd service territory covers 11,411 square miles in Northern Illinois, stretching from the Wisconsin border to as far south as Pontiac, Ill., and from the Indiana border to the Mississippi River. It covers approximately 70 percent of the population in Illinois and the vast majority of the State’s industrial companies. Our transmission and distribution systems are very robust, with more than 5,300 miles of overhead transmission lines and approximately 34,900 miles of overhead distribution lines and 29,700 miles of underground distribution lines.  

Our Service Territory Advantage

  • Access to markets
  • Readily available national and global access to suppliers and customers
  • Excellent transportation systems
  • Coast-to-coast interstate highway network
  • One of the busiest airport systems in the U.S.
  • Our nation's largest rail hub
  • Internationally-navigable waterways
  • Skilled, motivated labor force
  • Educated labor pool of 4.5 million
  • Specialized job training opportunities
  • World-class research and educational institutions
  • Over 60 institutions of higher learning, including seven major universities
  • Two internationally recognized scientific research and development facilities

Energy Resources

  • Competitive retail electricity market and expanding infrastructure
  • Multiple natural gas pipelines to major production fields
  • Abundant fresh water

Cultural and Recreational Centers

  • Theatre, opera and live music
  • Science, history and cultural museums
  • More than 300 golf courses
  • Professional and amateur sports
  • Sailing, fishing, biking, hiking, and more

Demographic Profiles

ComEd can supply you with detailed demographics for any area within our Northern Illinois service territory. Reports can be structured by zip code, by community, by county, or by radiuses (i.e., 5, 10, and 20 miles) around a specific address. A general demographic profile of the 400+ communities that make up ComEd’s service territory is available for your use and review.

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