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Primera Engineers

Buildings. Transportation. Utilities. Across all three of these areas of expertise, our focus is singular: we want to earn clients’ satisfaction at every turn.


Founded in 1987, Primera Engineers, Ltd. (Primera) has been a longstanding leader in the engineering industry, with projects ranging from schools and roadways to healthcare facilities and utility infrastructure. With more than 200 professionals from diverse and highly skilled backgrounds, Primera is certified women-owned business enterprise (WBE) committed to dynamic design, innovative technology, and superior service.

Primera employs experts in a variety of disciplines, including, mechanical, electrical, plumbing (M/E/P), structural, civil, telecommunications and power engineering, as well as protection & controls, commissioning, energy services, architecture, sustainability, life safety, lighting, transportation, power delivery, and project and construction management. Our solution-focused team is comprised of dedicated professionals with extensive industry credentials.

We pride ourselves on superior service, and that service comes from one place: our employees. We know that if we are going to maintain that level of service, we need to attract, retain and engage the best talent in the industry. Our commitment to our employees is driven by our core values of quality, teamwork, integrity and balance: quality in the value of our designs and service, teamwork built on respect for all, integrity in all our personal and professional collaborations, and balance between work and family life.

Our passion for pleasing our clients has resulted in the establishment of one of the industry’s premier Quality Management Systems—one that is ISO 9001:2008 certified. We recognize that the pursuit of quality is exactly that: a pursuit. That is why we continue to invest in programs, activities, and people that will help Primera maintain its position as a premier provider of exceptional expertise and superb service.

Go Green Energy Sustainability Award

To reduce its carbon footprint, Primera Engineers Ltd., extensively analyzes its employees’ consumption of electricity, water, and paper, along with the carbon emissions from their commutes to determine areas for improvement. Primera’s findings have resulted in it offering a travel voucher program to help fund a portion of its employees’ public transportation costs. In addition, Primera developed a monthly Energy Usage Report that it sends to each of its offices showing which is more efficient on a monthly basis.

“We feel this provides a meaningful way to get all of our employees involved and invested in reducing Primera’s impact on the grid,” says Erin M. Inman, the president and chief executive officer of Primera.

Programs such as these led to ComEd honoring the Chicago-based engineering design and consulting firm with the inaugural Go Green Energy Sustainability Award at ComEd’s 2nd Annual Supplier Diversity Awards. The Go Green Energy Sustainability Award honors a company that significantly helps drive energy leadership and invention with a strong roadmap for driving clean energy, energy efficiency, renewable energy and sustainability.

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