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Municipal Aggregation

Customers who switch to another supplier will see no change in their electricity delivery service from ComEd. ComEd will still deliver electricity to every home and business in Northern Illinois, no matter the choice of supplier. ComEd’s process for prioritizing restoration after service interruptions, such as storms, will remain the same.

City Street 

ComEd does not generate any electricity. The company’s role is to deliver electricity to every home and business in Northern Illinois. For customers who get electricity supply from ComEd, the company buys electricity in the competitive wholesale market and passes it through to customers at cost. ComEd is not financially impacted when customers choose to buy their electricity from alternative suppliers because ComEd does not make money on the electricity itself.

ComEd has always supported electricity competition as a way to provide customers with greater choice and money-saving opportunities. Competition keeps rates low. In fact, ComEd’s average residential rate is about 20 percent lower than the average of the top 10 U.S. cities.

To learn more about switching to a new electricity supplier, visit the Illinois Commerce Commission website dedicated to customer choice at

For Customers

If you are a customer seeking additional information about Municipal Aggregation, please use the resources below.

For Municipalities

If you are a representative of a municipality or county and you have an interest in municipal aggregation or would like to make changes to an existing aggregation, please complete the forms below.

Administrative Rule

Rate Information

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