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ICC Energy Efficiency Installer Certification

As a contractor, trade ally, or other entity involved in the installation of energy efficiency measures, there are recent changes to Illinois legislation and Illinois Commerce Commission (ICC) rules that you should be aware of. The ICC Energy Efficiency Installer Certification process directly impacts the ability of the ComEd® Energy Efficiency Program to disburse incentive payments.


Beginning January 1, 2018, the ComEd Energy Efficiency Program will be responsible for verifying that an installing contractor is certified by the ICC for the installation of applicable measures prior to any incentive or rebate payout. Payment will be withheld if the installing contractor is not certified or until certification is approved/verified. This is not applicable if the customer self installs the applicable measure(s).

We encourage you to determine whether or not you/your company may need to become certified and apply for certification. The ICC Part 462 Application Form, Instructions and Installer Rules can be found at: ICC EE Installer Certification.

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