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Energy Insights Online

Savvy energy managers know that managing the "how" and "when" of electricity consumption can return huge savings. But up until now, acquiring specific measures of energy consumption meant significant investments in hardware and software. Not anymore!


Simple, Easy-to-Use Graphs and Reports

Energy Insights Online monitors your electricity consumption via special recording meters and converts this data into simple, easy-to-understand usage graphs and reports that you can access online.

Enhance your Energy Insights Online energy data access and visibility with Green Button Connect My Data (GBC). GBC supports the Energy Insights Online service by enabling you to leverage the Green Button Standard and authorize third party service providers direct access to your facility’s energy usage.

Try the Demo or Enroll Today!

Would you like to try a demo? Email us and we'll send you a free user I.D. and password. Or enroll today and we'll send you your own user ID and password, and you can begin saving money. You also can view our free online tutorial for quick answers to your EIO questions.

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Energy Insights Online gives you the power to:

  • Develop more effective incentive-earning electricity curtailment strategies.
  • Produce half-hourly, daily, or monthly energy usage reports.
  • Compare energy usage amounts against previous periods -- or other enrolled accounts.
  • Examine energy usage trends.
  • Validate machine or process efficiency upgrades.
  • Establish relationships between electricity usage and outside temperature.
  • Improve "cost-based accounting" procedures.
  • Devise "load-shifting" strategies to lower monthly demand charges, and more!

Green Button Connect My Data

The Green Button initiative was launched in response to a White House call to action for utility companies to voluntarily provide energy usage data to customers in a secure, accessible and standardized format to help them make informed decisions about how to reduce energy consumption and save money. Green Button Connect My Data functionality provides benefits that include:

  • A standardized platform for you to access your energy data
  • User-friendly format
  • Ready access to data for your trade allies so they can conduct comprehensive energy analysis for you

For access to GBC, enroll in Energy Insights Online (EIO). If you are currently enrolled in EIO, you already have access to this enhanced feature.

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