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Find Information for Retail Electric Suppliers



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The role of the Electric Supplier Services Department is to guide Retail Electric Suppliers and Metering Service Providers through the registration process at ComEd and provide them with information on ComEd's delivery services requirements and processes. The department is staffed with Account Managers who are well-schooled in ComEd systems and procedures. We will be happy to provide you with information and guidance.

Registration Form

To begin the enrollment process, Retail Electric Suppliers must complete a registration form and submit it with supporting documentation to ESSD.

Registration Form (pdf)
Submit to:


PJM is a fully functioning regional transmission organization, operating the world's largest competitive wholesale electricity market and North America's largest power grid. Membership in PJM is required in order to become a Retail Electric Supplier and deliver power and energy within the ComEd service territory. Visit their website for access to PJM business processes and tools and for important information concerning membership, PJM markets, customer information, PJM training and links to other related sites.

Visit PJM

Net Metering Notification Form

This form serves as notification from the RES to ComEd's ESSD of a RES supplied net metering customer.

Net Metering Notification Form (pdf)

Tax ID Changes

When an existing customer changes its Federal Employer Identification Number (“TAX ID”), ComEd creates a new account for the new entity with the new TAX ID. For those customers supplied by a RES, the RES supply service must be reinstated on the new account if the customer wishes to continue supply service with the RES. In order to avoid the discontinuance of RES supply service for the new customer in this circumstance, ComEd provides a new business process for the RES serving the predecessor customer. To begin this process, complete the attached authorization form and submit it to ESSD via email or fax.

Authorization Form (pdf)

(Data Access and Retrieval Tenets)

This tariff is available to entities seeking to obtain usage data pertaining to the Company’s retail customers. The purpose of this tariff is to define the circumstances and the terms and conditions under which the Company provides and/or makes available retail customer usage data to a Third Party. To begin this process, please complete that attached Rate Dart registration form and submit to A completed registration form is necessary when requesting AMI historical interval usage (HIU) data using the supplier portal system, which will provide up to two years of non-billed quality AMI historical interval usage data. A completed registration form is also necessary when certifying for the Green Button Connect process that will allow third party providers to gain access to usage data for residential customers.

Rate Dart Registration Form (pdf)
Submit to:

Guides and Manuals

The Retail Electric Supplier Resource Handbook
​This guide provides information about the procedures and requirements for doing business within the ComEd service territory.
​Chapter 1: Terms & Definitions
​Chapter 2: ​Requirements
​Chapter 3: ​Customer Information
​Chapter 4: ​Customer Switch (DASR)
​Chapter 5: ​Electronic Requirements
​Chapter 6: Metering
​Chapter 7: ​Customer Billing
​Chapter 8: ​Control Area
​Chapter 9: ​Resources
​Chapter 10: ​Switching Rules & Election Process
​Chapter 11: Supplier Portal
​Retail Electric Supplier EDI Test Schedule 2016
​This is the test flight schedule for the EDI testing in 2016. The link to the EDI Guides are below, using the Illinois EDI standards for all except ComEd Single Bill Option (ComEd Outbound 810s and ComEd Inbound 820s).
Illinois EDI Implementation Guides
ComEd Inbound 820 (pdf)
2016 EDI Test Schedule (pdf)
​Other Information
PLCs by Delivery Class (pdf)
PJM Five (5) CPs
ComEd Five (5) CPs (pdf)

Unaccounted for Energy (UFE)

UFE is allocated proportionally by load share. The link below contains the hourly and monthly UFE percentages for the ComEd zone beginning with the June 2012 reconciliation.

Unaccounted for Energy Data (xls)

Rider RMUD (Residential Meter Usage Data)

This rider allows a RES to receive interval meter data for residential customers that are provided a TOU/Demand Response billing option. Rider RMUD is limited to 100,000 accounts and service availability will be determined on a first come first served basis. Starting in 2016 the limitation on the number of accounts eligible for service under Rider RMUD will be removed.

To begin the process of placing customers on Rider RMUD, please contact your ESSD Account Manager. A RES must complete the following steps before submitting customers under Rider RMUD to ComEd via the EDI protocol:

  • Complete the warrant form provided at the link below and submit the signed and notarized form to ESSD via e-mail to
  • Contact your ESSD Account Manager to arrange for EDI protocol certification testing. This is an abbreviated test to assure data transmission functions as designed.

Customers are enrolled under the provisions of Rider RMUD utilizing the standard switching rules. DASRs submitted for enrollment under the Rider or a change request DASR to place the account on Rider RMUD will become effective on the next meter reading date that is at least 18 days from the successful submittal by the RES. AMI Interval data may be discontinued by the RES by submitting a change request to remove the account from the Rider or by the customer changing suppliers. Please see the RES Handbook for further details on this process.

Warrant (pdf)

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