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Learn About Designation of a General Account Agent

Retail customers, which includes both residential and non-residential customers, may designate a third-party, known as the General Account Agent (GAA). A GAA would receive the customer's bills and notices and handles requests on behalf of the customer in accordance with ComEd tariffs.

How It Works

  • GAA is the choice of the customer
  • GAA receives all bills and notices.
  • GAA selection process is independent of Retail Electric Supplier (RES) supply selection
  • GAA does not have the authority to request customer's prior credit history or to disconnect or connect service

Election of GAA

Termination of GAA

  • Customer or GAA may submit General Account Agent Termination Form (pdf).
  • Submit signed termination form to fax number 630-684-2692. (Do not email to the ESSD contracts.)
  • NOTES: 
    1. The termination form provided serves both Non-Residential and Residential accounts
    2. Customer signed termination form is required to change a mailing address from GAA back to the customer
    3. ComEd has up to 10 business days to complete change to GAA
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